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Oh, You! 

Ongoing Project, 2019 -

The ongoing visual research and representation of the content from the archive I collect using one of the most famous online shopping sites among the Russians as a metaphor of a common compulsion.


The medium I work with helps me to highlight the connotation of the subjects’ Soviet past. As a result, a critique of the subject of classical painting emerges. Social Realistic settings and social doxas resemble themselves as formal elements through the process of interpretation and vary from contemporary colour palette to the methods of displaying artworks in Russian state galleries and museums. The celebration of the human body releases its potential through the methods of displaying and visual interpretation.

Setevinets_Oh, you!_FA lvl6_edited.jpg

Oh, You!  Display view, watercolours on watercolour paper, 100x150 mm each, wooden and plastic frames, 2019 

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