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The research was focused on an exploration of the transition between figurative and
abstract. The moment, when an object or subject undergoes a change, dissolves and
disappears from the eye of the spectator. The artist performed not just as a sniper who remains the period of time still, but a guide who carried the viewer through a certain period of action.


Through the analysis of society based on a certain system and principles which were
created and examined during the exploration, I made compositions which are related to a particular period of time and space. People are represented as a collection of anatomically irregular shapes, which are captured in motion at the time of observation. The objects remain recognizable but depersonalized at the same time. Combination of the forms creates an arrangement which resembles a camouflage pattern in nature either in military use. Therefore, for the research, it was crucial to consider the number of colour people were dressed in, as well as a major colour of the environmental colour palette. In the production, it was important to get the right balance and not to highlight a group of people depending on their gender neither appearance.

Human Patterns, 3, 2017, Setevinets_edit

Human Pattern #1, #3, acrylics on paper, collage, 210x297 mm each, 2017 

Setevinets_Daria Summer #1.jpg

Summer 2017, #1, acrylics on canvas, 650x650 mm, 2017 

Untitled (Summer 2), acrylic on canvas,

Summer 2017, #2, #3, acrylics on canvas, 650x650 mm each, 2017 


Overcrowded Space #2, silkscreen prints, 594x841 mm, 2017 

Insider, video performance


The work is supposed to be activated by the participant. Made with a certain colour palette, it represents a relation to the average appearance of the crowd. Putting it on, the spectator becomes the participant and has a free will to perform. The context of the performance is dependent on the actions of the performer, space, and the suit itself is a transition between identification and confusion. The dialogue between the masses (defined as a background) and the individual (defined as a foreground) is represented as an attempt to become hidden, but to remain visible simultaneously. Could be accompanied by the mask painted in the same colour palette using the same approach. Complemented with the photograph of the model dressed in the suit overlapping her regular clothing.


Insider suite (view on a model), mixed media, 2018


Insider #1, video performance, 4:07 mins, 2018


Insider #2, video performance, 4:07 mins, 2018

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